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Creamy, crumbly, melt in your mouth handmade from fresh farm ingredients.

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From farm fresh dairy ingredients comes one of the finest fudges in the world, reminiscent of days gone by. Ann and Larry Johnstone established the NZ Fudge Farm in 1992 on their farm at Tangiteroria, perfecting the guarded recipes passed down by previous generations.

The laborious techniques involved in making the fudge holds the secrets to their products success. The list of flavours is growing all the time. Popular flavours are Russian Caramel and Chocolate Supreme. The other many flavours available have found a place in the discerning tastebuds of many a
"Fudge a holic."

Store fudge in fridge during summer. This will give it several months shelf life.


Now available online are our hand crafted gift baskets. Please contact us about getting your custom gift basket or you can order a standard selection giftbasket online now.


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NZ Fudge Farm Russian Caramel fudge.